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DirtBuster™ Pro - Car Vacuum Cleaner

DirtBuster™ Pro - Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Among the Strongest Suctions Globally
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Get 6 Attachments + 2 Reusable Filters FREE
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Your Car's Cleanest Transition or Your Money Back!

This compact beauty doesn't just look good; it's a master at demolishing dirt. Say goodbye to debris, from stubborn pet hair to pesky crumbs, thanks to its 95000PA suction and 6 versatile attachments.

In a hurry? No worries. With its lightweight build and long cord, you can quickly clean up and hit the road.

So, are you ready to hop in and take a ride in your sparkling clean car?

Go ahead and suck up the grime with the DirtBuster™ Pro bundle! Not only will your ride be cleaner than ever, but you'll also be cruising in style and with total convenience

Dual Capability: The DirtBuster™ Pro combines the might of a portable air blower with the efficiency of a car vacuum.

High-Efficiency Motor: Engineered with a 95000PA / 35500rpm high-performance motor.

Multi-Surface Versatility: From tight corners in your home to every crevice in your car, the DirtBuster™ Pro Pro handles it all with its array of specialized attachments.

Lightweight & Compact: At just 1.1 lbs and dimensions of 6.4*5.7 inches, the DirtBuster™ Pro offers unmatched portability and ease of use wherever you need it.

Built to Last: With its robust design and durable construction, the DirtBuster™ Pro is your long-lasting ally against everyday messes.

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FAQs Section

What package includes?


1. DirtBuster™ Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Sleek, powerful, and designed for peak performance.

2. USB-C Charging Cable: Fast and convenient charging with universal compatibility.

3. Original Box: Perfectly packaged in the signature box.

FREE BONUS ($60 value):

4. Premium Attachments (6 Total):

  • Precision Nozzle: For concentrated suction.
  • Brush Head: Soft bristles for gentle cleaning.
  • Wide-Angle Nozzle: Broad cleaning for quicker sessions.
  • Flexible Crevice Tool: Reaches where others can't.
  • Extension Tube: Adds length to your reach.
  • Pet Hair Lifter: Specialized for fur removal.

5. 2 Extra Reusable Filters: For sustained, high-quality cleaning performance.

How long can I use the vacuum on a single charge?

Thanks to its intelligent power management system and long-lasting battery, the vacuum can be used around 26 minutes of run time.

Will the vacuum be loud when I use it?

Our vacuum operates quietly, utilizing advanced noise-reduction technologies such as optimized air ducts and noise-reduction composite cotton, ensuring a powerful yet quiet performance.

Can the Car Vacuum Cleaner handle both home and car cleaning?

Yes, the vacuum is equipped to efficiently clean both home and car environments, powered by a robust aviation-special motor and enhanced technology for versatile use.

Is the vacuum cleaner easy to maintain?

Yes, it features a washable filter for easy maintenance and sustained performance, ensuring simplicity in upkeep.

Technical Specifications

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Pro Version

Color: Silver

Product Material: ABS

Motor: New Upgraded Brushless Motor

Vacuum Degree: 50000PA / 95000PA

Rated Speed: 35500rpm

Battery Capacity: 2 x 2000mAh Lithium Batteries

Charging Mode: 5V USB Boost Charging Line

Rated Power: 120W

Noise Level: ≤ 52dB

Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

Weight: 550g